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1) Revolutionize your general insurance pricing with the unmatched expertise of


2) From the industry standards SAS, SQL, Python, and R to environments like Radar, Emblem, Akur8, and more, has the diverse skillset to handle all your pricing and data needs.

3) Unlock your and your team’s full potential with Errars exceptional online training.

And that's not all - with PowerBI and Looker, we can turn complex data into beautiful, actionable insights.

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My name is Jeremy Keating

  • Jeremy Keating has led for over five years

  • He has many years of experience in general insurance in the UK and worldwide

  • Expert in multiple programming languages and pricing environments

  • A UK-qualified actuary and Fellow of the Institute

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Science and a Masters Degree in Blockchain Technologies

  • Winner of the Colonial Mutual Prize

  • He writes for The Actuary and Insurance Age

  • He is a presenter for Pro Actuary

  • Father of two wonderful children

  • I want every insurance customer to pay the exact right price.

  • Email me at

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Clients and Partners

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Clients and Partners

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Clients and Partners

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Jeremy has broad insurance knowledge and a strong commercial focus as well as deep technical skills. This makes him a great addition to any project. He's highly dependable and very easy to work with. I can highly recommend a conversation with Jeremy if you are facing any challenges in your insurance business where data insight could be part of the solution. 


-Sarah Vaughan

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The Netflix of Insurance Training 


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Who we are

Who we are

The Netflix of insurance training 

Our short, engaging, and informative videos, cover a wide range of skills for pricing and data professionals in insurance.